Remo Lienhard (Wes21)

This emerging artist (*1989) from Biel has found his own style early in his career. He has an ability to astonish the viewer with his motifs and the incredible precision of his spraying technique. Remo Lienhard started out in the graffiti scene, though this is only seldom apparent in his work. That said, he works with spray can next to oil and acrylic. In recent years he has perfected his technique of producing high detail. Paint is applied, and before it dries it is "processed" using different implements. This technique makes it possible to conjure up incredible effects in a painting. Remo Lienhard intends to make a strong impression and is willing to go to any length to do so. For example, he has sometimes incorporated LED bulbs into his works in order to create a realistic effect. Photorealistic depictions of often illusory creatures captivate the viewer with an accuracy of perspectives, astonishing shaping and harmonious composition. A particular focus of the artist's works is the combination of nature and industry. Animals meld with devices and industrial products in a process of metamorphosis. The viewer is made to feel uncertain: have nature and industry harmonized, or is the process taking some other direction? Every picture is a window in an other world and contains a story on a simpler level that rekindles and inspires the imagination. He has also begun to transform some of his fantastical figures into sculptures. Remo Lienhard grew up in Biel, Switzerland, experimenting with the spray can at a very young age and soon gaining a strong reputation in the scene. In 2010 he completed training at the College of Design in Biel and has since then applied himself to producing art and working on various design jobs, including for music festivals and CD covers. His murals have been an attraction at a number of different events like Richmond Mural Project in Virginia.