Natalie P., Widewalls, Mai 30, 2016

Beat Schweizer is a photographer based in Bern, whose work often sends him off to the most unexpected types of journeys. The moments that he captures with his camera, both the familiar and the unusual ones, are even more complex than they seem at first, especially when represented in a single exhibition. Since Schweizer’s art seems to be based on a form of geopolitical research, he often finds himself stepping on unknown grounds and working with the exciting, new phenomena that come along. Galerie SOON (based in Bern as well) will be the one to represent his new body of work, and if you’re lucky enough to be in Bern in May, you will also have a chance to enjoy it.

Isolated Territories

The socio-cultural aspects are the ones that interest Beat Schweizer, and therefore he seems to constantly seek new experiences in different places. His trips to Kosovo, Ukraine and Russia (for example) have helped him create a diverse, culturally divergent collection, informed by various traditions and the world’s turbulent heritage. Schweizer usually chooses the to visit the isolated countries, which often fall under the category of the third world countries, meaning that their isolation is based on social and political aspects, rather than actual physical barriers. These isolated surroundings seem to offer much more than we are able to imagine, from a mainstream, central point of view – but then again, if you know where to look, you will be able to find similarities between all the world’s cultures.


Life in Other Countries

The artist offers the most amazing insights into the lesser-known regions of the world, providing the audience with an extraordinary opportunity to get in touch with the unknown and the uncanny. Schweizer aims to represent the reality of these places in its purest form, without trying to embellish it, or to make it seem different than it actually is. This honest, yet curious approach will represent these places in a unique way – it is definitely more objective than the one provided by postcards, but still more engaging and attentive than the one offered by the locals. The photographer is able to recognize certain details as exotic and interesting, whereas the people from these places live surrounded by them every day.


Beat Schweizer’s Engaging Exhibition

Due to his exploratory approach and his curious eye, Beat Schweizer has won the Swiss Photo Award this year – one of Switzerland’s most prestigious prizes for photography. His upcoming show UNGEFESTIGTE UFER / AN DER FROSTGRENZE will, therefore, come as a nice way to celebrate. The exhibition will be on view from June 2nd through 25th, at SOON Galerie in Bern. The opening reception is set for Thursday, June 2nd, from 5 to 8 PM. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of sculptures by Christian Bolt.