BiglerWeibel hijack Instagram account from SOON

The video project "Bärn im Anthropozän" gets a new edition on Instagram @soonart

For the cultural magazine, the artist duo BiglerWeibel created a multi-part video series in the section "Mahogany Mall", which was extended every Sunday in March. In the video collages, the duo alienates existing architecture and performatively appropriates buildings and sceneries from the city of Bern.

The project is so great that it is now being played up and down on the SOON gallery account.

The artist duo takes those buildings in which power, money and male domination have taken place for centuries, deletes what doesn't suit them - the town hall - and occupies the sandstone architecture with their extremities and bodies. Jasmin Bigler and Nicole Weibel manipulate the supposedly unshakeable façades and intervene in this city as if it were all their own. And it is, somehow, at least in the parallel world they have created performatively. It would be a good place to live, because if it has to be a world that has been shaped by man right down to the earth's atmosphere, then it has to be one that has been manipulated by BiglerWeibel. Welcome to the Anthropocene.


You can find the Instagram channel of the SOON gallery here: @soonart /

The two artists are online here:

The KSB culture magazine has a website here:


May 10, 2021