Parallel Universe: Remo Lienhard / WES 21

20 January - 19 February 2022

"Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein

Surrounded by a fantastic world full of nature and technology at the same time - transferred into a utopian reality. That's how it feels when the works of the Biel-based artist Remo Lienhard / WES 21 hang in front of you. In his upcoming solo exhibition "PARALLEL UNIVERSE" at SOON Gallery, the artist opens a portal into a parallel universe, into a surreal landscape infused with fictional devices, objects, figures. Visitors are invited to see the visual worlds from a different perspective, losing themselves in the depths of composition and color palette.


The exhibition shows a diverse range of large-format paintings of impressive sceneries, picturesque landscapes, abstract architecture, supernatural beings and unreal objects. Stylistically confident and with a distinctive visual language, he transforms brilliant ideas into magnificent modern works of art with inspiring expressiveness and depth of content.


After the School of Design in Biel, WES 21 dedicates himself to contemporary art and works as a freelance artist. In recent decades, he established himself as a respected protagonist of a subculture-movement that artfully affects your immediate environment and actively shapes our present. From house-sized murals to oil painting, illustration to sculpture, he serves a diverse spectrum of art forms and skillfully and innovatively transforms masterful techniques into the future. His work enjoys an international reputation and has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and renowned art fairs around the world.

Installation Views