NORDNORD - Hamburg positions: 1010, Wojtek Klimek, Elmar Lase, Gosia Machon, Dragan Prgomelja, Johan Schäfer

25 November - 19 December 2021

With the cool temperatures from the north, also reach us new works from Hamburg. From mid-November, the SOON gallery shows six artists from the Hanseatic city, this wonderful city of the North. The six artists are friends, they have studied together in Hamburg, lived together and were influenced by the city. The friendship lasted through the 15 years after their education, while their art evolved in different and individually exciting directions.


In his works, the artist 1010 makes use of the art-historically known concept of the illusion of "holes", opening up to the viewer a two-dimensional entrance into another world. In contrast, Wojtek Klimek's paintings, which seem quiet yet are charged with tension, take hold of the viewer. Elmar Lause's art combines different visual worlds inspired by videogames and graffiti art, whereas Gosia Machon's artistic view of the world, fascinated by its unknowns, makes you question your own existence. Dragan Progmelja's works testify to a sophisticated finesse. With the finest gradations he moves in the spectrum of the color black and creates forms that create aesthetic tension and through which everyday things are transformed into geometrically abstract entities. In contrast, Johan Schäfer's surreal-looking paintings, inspired by the advertising and media industries, bear witness to an incredible irony and question manipulative marketing and the everyday flood of information in an ironic way. Everyday objects are snatched from their familiar surroundings and arranged in new compositions.


In the exhibition NORDNORD - Hamburger Positionen we show new works by established artists* and go in search of hidden connections from the common education, connecting elements in inspiration or the works of this diverse group of long-time friends.


Visitation / Opening


November 25th 2021, 6pm to 9pm


Opening Hours:

From November 26th till Dezember 19th 2021

THU/FR from 4pm to 8pm

SAT 2pm to 5pm

It is also possible to visit on other dates on request, please send an email to or book an appointment HERE in advance.



Galerie SOON

Sihlquai 125

8005 Zürich

The entrance is located on the side of the building and is well marked. The exhibition is on the 2nd floor. Unfortunately, there is no elevator.