Iuna Tinta at SOON Gallery

Widewalls, April 11, 2015

Swiss born artist Iuna Tina joins forces with local artist Silvio Brügger to put on an exhibition in SOON Art Gallery in Bern, Switzerland. Exhibition deals with ever so current questions of global warming, its effects and consequences. The title of Iuna Tinta’s show is From Northern Skies to Southern Seas. This topic is important and recurrent in Iuna Tinta’s work.


From Northern Skies to Southern Seas

While growing up in Switzerland Iuna Tinta had spent great amount of time playing outside and becoming interconnected with Earth. To her nature started feeling like foundation, something like a home and the love of it is evident in her oeuvre. Even though she now spends much of her time away she always returns to her Alpine landscapes. Climate change remains substantial part of Iuna Tinta’s work and it is also the subject of her newest pieces that will be on display in SOON Gallery. Hence, the impressive mountain tops arise in her new paintings showing the over the top kitschy light which simultaneously brings power and strength to the pictures. 


Iuna Tinta

Iuna Tinta’s real name is Corinne Weidmann and she is Swiss born artist currently living in London. Although she had spent most of her live in her native Switzerland she started traveling after graduating Graphic Design. Iuna Tinta lived for few years in Costa Rica and Canada. She has a keen interest in foreign art and is greatly inspired by shapes and colors of pre-Columbian America. Iuna Tinta finds northern dark fairy tales enchanting and she immensely enjoys how animals are represented in Japanese Shintoism. However, living abroad made Iuna Tinta more aware of her own Swiss roots and it is only in the last few years that she started discovering her heritage and implementing it in her work. Since then she became deeply immersed and intoxicated by Swiss folk art, its’ landscape and country itself. Iuna Tinta believes that it is living abroad that makes us grow more conscious of the place that we come from and things that shaped us into who we are now. Iuna Tinta also thinks that everything that happens in one’s life is bound to influence that person. So it comes as no surprise that having spent most of her life in Switzerland she is now so captivated by mountains.

Iuna Tinta at SOON Art Gallery

Iuna Tint and Silvio Brügger found joint fascination in their native country’s beautiful landscape. Brügger is landscape photographer who lives in Bern and is a member of Blackyard Collective. Whether he is in his Bern Alps or some other mountainous area his camera is always there to capture beauty of the mountains, passages and valleys. In this exhibition Brügger desires to present viewers with his impressive enlarged photographs that give observers insight into captivating beauty of the mountain world. Silvio Brügger’s event is called It’s a big rock hurling through the Universe. Through this exhibition both artists wish to emphasize magnificence of their beloved mountains but they also want to draw attention to the fact that those mountains are in great danger because of the global warming effects and human negligence.

Exhibition will be open from April 10th until April 25th 2015 in SOON Art Gallery in Bern.