Bookrelease: Klartext - Schönreden war gestern

Wojtek Klimek designs book "Klartext" exclusively

Wojtek Klimek was commissioned to design the book "Klartext - Schönreden war gestern" for the leading strategic communications consultancy in Switzerland. The collages around communication are also available in a very limited edition, exclusively for clever owners of the book.

More about the book:

Already during the lockdown it became clear that "straight talk" (Klartext in german) is the only thing that is accepted by the public in crises. And even within the companies people were longing for clear announcements.
This book is an examination of communication in today's world and the expectations of stakeholders after Corona. In conversations with leading personalities from politics, business, science and culture and through contributions by experienced communications consultants, the book shows why it is important to catch the right train.
What do messages have to be like to get across to the audience?

Conversations with: Christoph Brand, CEO AXPO; Astrid Epiney, Rector University of Fribourg; Martina Fehr, Director MAZ; Gerhard Friesacher, entrepreneur; Petra Gössi, President FDP Switzerland; Hans Hess, President Swissmem; Thomas Hirschhorn, installation artist; Christian Levrat, President SP Switzerland; Andreas Meili, media lawyer; Martin Schröder, satisfaction researcher; Rolf Soiron, business leader; Walther Thurnherr, Federal Chancellor

Contributions from: Yves Böni, Marie-Hélène Hancock, Rob Hartmans, Aloys Hirzel, Matthias Knill, Andrés Luther, Jörg Neef, Dominique Reber, Hugo Schittenhelm, Rolf Schläpfer, Victor Schmid, Jürg Wildberger, Andrea Willimann

The book can be ordered directly from Stämpfli-Verlag.


October 14, 2020