Everywhere Painter - Anja Ammann


Anja Ammann paints impulsively. No matter where the young Bernese artist happens to be, whether in a café or on the terrace of a vacation home - the subjects for her works can be found everywhere. By creating digitally on her smartphone, Ammann's painting utensils are always at hand, allowing the artist to work unprepared and independent of a studio. This "nomadic" painting, the moment of spontaneity, is what defines Ammann's paintings. ⁠

With the series "Everywhere Painter", which will be published from June until the end of the year, we focus on this digital nomadism in Ammann's art. The paintings were created partly in the Azores, partly in the city of Bern. What unites them is their process of creation and the resulting scenery, which exudes a calmness and vitality at the same time. ⁠

One feels involved in these images, the view of what Ammann expresses through her art. ⁠

Convinced! HERE you can order the whole series.

June 23, 2022