Anouk Sebald übernimmt unseren Instagram Account

Video Kunstwerke für Dich

Like other brilliant artists, Anouk Sebald is taking over SOON's Instagram account in August 2021.


Sebald's artistic practice encompasses photography, performance and video, as well as objects, textiles and painting. Realised differently in each medium, her artistic exploration revolves around the central themes of (among others) physical, personal but also political identity, perception, and the bottomless sense of time passing. Her more recent works deal with elements such as water or air, respectively, falling, swimming in space and fabrics, as well as questioning concepts such as privacy, observation and security. With the production of videos on the iPhone and their publication on Instagram in particular, she makes use of the current possibilities of self-representation and identity construction, while at the same time always critically examining them. In various contexts, she restages her works and places them in a precise relationship to each other in each case - in real as well as virtual space.


After training in dance, Anouk Sebald was a self-taught painter before she began using photography, video and performance to question the body and identity under the pseudonym LouiseEliot. Her works have been repeatedly shown in solo and group exhibitions in the Bern area, 2016 gepard14, 2018 Cantonale Berne Jura, la Nef, le Normont, 2019 Galerie DuflonRacz ,2020 Casita, Bern as well as 2021, Showroom Progr, Bern .


In Bern, Anouk Sebald is represented by Galerie DuflonRacz, which will soon present a solo exhibition of new works by Sebald.


Click here for the Instagram account of the SOON gallery @soonart

Go directly to Anouk Sebald this way: @anouksebald website


August 2, 2021