Search & Rescue by Till Könneker, Bern: Galerie SOON, Münstergasse 62, 3011 Bern

14 - 29 August 2020

In the search for happiness we always end up with ourselves. Is happiness the expectation or the fulfilment? Just a moment or a state of mind? How do you save a special moment into the future? Only we ourselves can do that, but is the memory perhaps only the memory of an earlier memory? Do we perhaps manipulate ourselves without being aware of it? "I could be anybody, so anybody can be me," Könneker noted in one of his notebooks. What makes a person what he is, the inner or the outer world? What has preoccupied Könneker in recent years is the randomness of his own existence and the influences on his perception of reality. Könneker does not want to impose an opinion on us, he leaves room for our own interpretations and memories.

Works from the last 4 years are shown. At the centre is the long-term project "search for" in which Könneker reflects our supposed reality, which is determined and defined by the results of a few search engines.


The exhibition will be permanently open on the opening weekend of the Verein Berner Galerien as follows:
Friday, Aug. 14: 16-19h
Saturday, Aug. 15: 10-13h
Sunday, Aug. 16 11-14h


For the duration of the exhibition from August 14th to 29th, you can easily book a private visit by clicking on the following link:

Installation Views