Europa: Solo Show VinZ

12 May - 12 June 2022

We don't realize what we have until we lose it. Or until someone try to steal it from us. It always happens when we are healthy, when we are in love or when we are completely free. Something similar happens with Europe. When you leave here you realize what we have. What we have built. What is worth fighting for. - VinZ

Broadly speaking, VinZ shows naked people in his works as they were created by nature and presents them in their uniform as they exist in society. However, on closer inspection, there are deep political themes behind the mixed creatures of human and animal, which the Valencian artist skillfully realises.


The full understanding happens in relation to the time in which VinZ creates his works and through the understanding of the constricting mechanisms up to open repression by means of violence in our society. By painting animal heads on them, VinZ anonymizes the characters, but at the same time gives them a new identity. The roots of VinZ's ideas can be found in the current political, social and global environment. The naked bodies question their own and our understanding of freedom and life.


Freedom is now also the subject of Vinz's current exhibition Europa. What does freedom actually mean? How is one's own but also collective freedom perceived? With reference to these questions, VinZ has developed an exhibition concept that focuses on self-positioning. Europa looks at the world through glasses that are coloured differently depending on the point of view. We don't know what we have until we lose it. Or until someone tries to steal it from us. These moments of loss always happen when we are healthy, when we are in love or when we are completely free. Something similar happens with Europe. When you leave here, you realise what we have. What we have built and what is worth fighting for.


In 2011, VinZ (*1979, Valencia, ESP) started the project "Feel Free", which was implemented on the streets as well as in galleries all over Europe and the US. He graduated in Fine Arts from the Faculty of San Carlos at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2003. His working process consists of several steps. After sketching an idea, he photographs nude models, isolated or staged in small groups, then paints animal heads on large-scale prints of human figures. In this way, the artist creates hybrid subjects with a system of symbols associated with different kinds of animals: Birds stand for freedom and fish for consumption, while frogs and lizards convey authority; the minotaur stands for resistance, rabbits for curiosity and sensuality and his last figure, the tiger, for boldness.


Thursday, 12th of May 2022
6 - 9 pm

Opening Hours:
unitl the 12th of June 2022
Fr: 4 - 8 pm
Sa: 2 - 6 pm
or by appointment

Galerie SOON
Sihlquai 125 (2. Stock)
8005 Zürich