Igor Taritaš - by night and day: ONLINE ONLY - physical exhibition canceled due to corona

14 - 31 January 2021

Using geometric surfaces and the specific perspective he chooses, the artist purposefully builds up the space until a three-dimensional surface and interaction is created. Scraping, expressive paint drops and dirty surfaces create the illusion of a real, energetic space.

Igor Taritaš was born in Pakrac, Croatia in 1987 and lives and works in Zagreb, where he also graduated from the Academy of Arts.



Space is the central aspect in Igor Taritas' work. For the artist, it does not only mean physical space. Rather, he describes space as a multidimensional being that makes life on our planet possible, that influences our own actions as spiritual beings with the energy inherent in a space. The space in question is not just a physical area and air, but it is the whole vastness and dimension of reality in which we move and have our being.

Igor Taritas mainly creates empty urban spaces with surreal and melancholic atmosphere. Using perspective and geometric surfaces, the artist gradually builds images that create a superficial and three-dimensional interaction. The interiors are stripped of non-essential elements.
With the night pictures, Taritas creates a calm scene, but at the same time charged with tension. Empty streets, yet animated. Lights are on.