Postal Adress (HQ):

Galerie SOON GmbH

Monbijoustrasse 130

3007 Bern 




Currently we do not accept any other artists in our portfolio. You are welcome to send us your portfolio as a PDF (max. 10MB) by e-mail. There will be no correspondence, we will sift and collect the submissions and get back to you if it might be a good fit. Same for Gallery Assistant ans similar applications. Thanks for understanding.




Short Version:

We show art. We like conversations. We know some people. We are art dealers. Let‘s create together and have fun.


Long Version:

At the age of 15 Fabian Schmid started collecting art, from then still unknown artists. Five years later he started to organize large art exhibitions like the VeryContemporary Exhibition's before he then founded the Galerie SOON in 2010 together with the cultural manager and friend Andrej Malogajski.


At first, the two gallery owners exhibited emerging artists. From Switzerland at international fairs and as weekly pop-up exhibitions in various locations in Zurich and Bern. In 2013, the first permanent location of the gallery on 150m2 including the still existing "Zoo Bar" was realized in an old locksmith's shop at Lorraine, Bern. Already in 2015 the Galerie SOON expands its permanent presence to Zurich and opened a location in a large industrial hall on Manessestrasse. After just under two years, the gallery moved to the art district of Zurich - to the Limmatstrasse next to the Löwenbräu - where freshly remodeled rooms were occupied. In 2016, the Galerie SOON takes over the established "Galerie Rigassi" in Bern and its top location at Münstergasse, so for a few months three locations were operated at the same time.


New Concept

At the end of 2020, the gallery changed its exhibition concept and Andrej Malogajski withdrawed from the art business. In order to maintain more flexibility, the locations were continued to be rented out and exhibitions were again be held at changing locations, as well as at fixed locations run together with different partners. Thus, exhibitions in public space, with partners from business, science and other disciplines and increasingly in the digital space are executed. Since 2021, large museum spaces at Sihlquai in Zurich have again been used for exhibitions in a "sharing model". In addition, new concepts and pop-up exhibitions are constantly being realized at fascinating locations - close to the people and a broad spectrum of art lovers.


The Gallery's Direction 

The curatorial program focuses on contemporary professional art. We show mostly painting, mixed with photography and sculpture, while also providing increased space for digital elements in art practice. As a gallery, we are open to experimentation and always try out new things, while our established positions are expanded and sustainably strengthened in the art market.


Galerie SOON has great expertise in Post-Internet Art, Street and Urban Art, Graffiti and increasingly in the field of Crypto Art in the form of NFT.


Galerie SOON represents emerging and established international artists in Switzerland and in some cases globally. Galerie SOON also works with international guest artists to provide direct access to the Swiss public and our collectors who work with the gallery. In addition, SOON Editions has been regularly launching exclusive, limited art editions since 2012.



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We are looking forward to meeting you at our next exhibition. Let's all have fun!


Artist Applications

The gallery is currently not accepting new artists in the program. Applications by email will be viewed, but no correspondence will be entered into. Due to too many inquiries, we ask artists, promoters, artist managers, etc. to refrain from contacting us by phone.