Since 2008, SOON Gallery has shown artists in over 150 exhibitions and projects. In the permanent gallery spaces in Bern and Zurich, but also at fairs in Switzerland and abroad or at large pop-up projects in several cities in Switzerland, we have been able to communicate art and also celebrate some legendary festivals. In the meantime, we have decided on a future-oriented concept and will increasingly show art in new contexts, closer to the public, to an even wider circle of people, but always with the usual high quality standards. We believe we can do this with pop-up exhibitions, new partnerships for art projects and in the digital space. We continue to work every day to offer you a great art experience and to promote emerging artists and show them alongside established positions.




SOON gallery started 2010 without a fixed location and that was great. Over the past few years we have settled in Bern and Zurich and have been able to promote young artists in over 150 exhibitions but also brought established, international artists to Switzerland. 

We do believe that we can offer you more exciting art experiences in the future if we become active again in different spaces. We would like to have the flexibility to present art in large halls or small, winding venues with pop-up shows. Sometimes for only three days or even for several weeks. We are convinced that we can offer you even more exciting art experiences with this new approach.