Gosia Machon

Gosia Machon (born 1979 in Pszcyna, Poland) develops in her paintings sceneries and motifs full of mystery and contradictions. Her stories gently come to life on paper and offer viewers pivots for their own imagination.


Nature plays an essential role in her work. She reflects wilderness as distinct from culture, as a longing for connection and support. Machon also references the unfathomable twists and turns of her own psyche via nature in her works. to observe and study one's own powerlessness. Questions about the self-determination of man in his own nature are attempted to be answered in the form of art.


In her works, this outwardly directed inner space presents itself as an unpredictable sphere that appears threatening and graceful at the same time. Although the individual is enveloped by civilization and culture, action, desire, state of mind is largely driven by the body and the psyche. This inseparable connection between man and nature represents a recurring motif in Machon's works. The open space of non-understanding is at the center of it. Machon's artistic view of the world and its variables and unknowns fascinates and makes us question our own existence.


Machon has lived and worked in Hamburg since 2003. Her works have been shown internationally in solo and group exhibitions.