Elmar Lause

Elmar Lause (born 1973 in Bochum, Germany) is not only an artist, he is also a collector. In boxes, albums and showcases he carefully stores diverse objects - from aluminum cans to plastic figurines, from stickers to organic objects, from photographs to newsprint. Things that don't really seem to be anything special. Yet it is precisely these everyday objects that form the basis for Lause's works. His fascination, for the surprise when something new emerges from the familiar, drives Lause to constantly develop his art.


Lause processes a wide variety of visual worlds in his art. He not only draws on comics and advertising material, but also combines numerous artistic styles. Video games and graffiti art also provide a further source of inspiration. He not only expresses these impressions in the form of paintings, but also translates his ideas into sculptures, collages or assemblages. The different elements overlap and form as a whole a new, crazy and energetic visual world. The artist himself says that "Everything that fascinates me, everything that catches my attention, flows into my works."


Since his studies in painting with Dieter Glasmacher and design with Welfhard Kraiker in Hamburg, Lause has been able to show his works in several exhibitions. "I am a storyteller," the artist says about himself. This is confirmed by his painted, sprayed and glued stories, which are peppered with surprises, subversive provocations and humor.