Johan Deckmann

Johan Deckmann is a Copenhagen-based artist, former practicing psychotherapist and author whose works explore the complications of life through one-liners on the covers of fictional "self-help" books. These book titles, often filled with scathing satire and humor, address life's biggest questions, fears and absurdities.


Recognizing the power of language in both therapy and art, Deckmann successfully shapes simple sentences that condense information, feelings or fantasies into an essence and truth that have an effect very similar to therapy.


"The right words can be like good medicine," Deckmann says. While most of his book titles range between funny and poignant, their faded color and worn texture reminiscent of self-help guidebooks from the 1970s, readers are taken on a journey of self-reflection and soul searching as they flip through the entirety of Deckmann's work.