Anja Ammann

Anja Ammann, artist, graphic designer and picture editor, is interested in the different types of visual perception in her work process and how these can be viewed in a variety of ways. Her art is mainly created digitally, mostly on her smartphone. Through the reduced technical possibilities, images are created that take on an abstract reality through this reduction. Ammann is inspired by everyday scenes, spends a lot of time in coffeeshops or public spaces and captures her own vision of these moments in an artistic way.


"Coffeeshopviews" is a digital art project launched in Barcelona in 2018. The views of cafés in different cities, mainly Barcelona or Bern, were all recorded on a smartphone while Anja enjoyed a good cup of coffee. The small screen and the fixed brush shape lead to an abstraction of reality. The result is a simple and colourful interpretation of urban café views. The series currently comprises over 145 works. In the meantime, the project has been expanded and is no longer limited to café views.