Serge Nyfelder was born in 1963 in Samedan, Switzerland. His parents, who wanted to escape the Swiss country life, briefly left for Paris to study art. He spent his first seven years of his life there. Serge also followed his father, a construction worker, to eastern Europe and northern Africa, where he encountered children from different cultures. The colors and smells of the Muslim world are still close to him. After seven years his family moved back to Switzerland. Serge felt alien in his previous home, where he attended school again. During his training as an artist he began to take an increasing interest on painting and took courses in illustration, as well as nude and traditional painting. As of 1984, Serge devoted himself exclusively to painting. This was followed by creative, wild, and sometimes chaotic years in the 1980’s. Serge’s mother’s death in 1985 marked an important turning point in his life. Shortly before her death, Serge’s parents bought an old chateau in France. When she died, Serge moved into the house with his girlfriend, with whom he has two children. In his 20s and 30s, Serge primarily worked in Paris and Bern as a set designer, architect, and painter. He has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany and Switzerland. His subjects and style are very colorful. People are guided to describe their environment and their roots in their similarities and differences. Catastrophic reality in conjunction with humor and delicate tangibility make his work unique. His playful and picturesque style in excitingly detailed, but also wild and rough. Since 2002, he has lived in Bern. Like the castle in France, Bern has long attracted independent artists and their projects. From 2009 to 2012 Serge has been living his dream of having his own gallery (MOMA Bern). Serge Nyfeler lives and works in Bern and Justiniac (France).