Using the precision of a surgeon, Amose constructs his works with lines and strokes that dissect muscles – giants are tied in knots, contorted yet light, giving the illusion that they are in flight. The only human features of these enigmatic beings are the hands and feet. Their round, bewitching, black-outlined eyes are fixed with a questioning look, their faces like masks.There are no rules to Amose’s work: androgynous forms evolve through radical change. Excessively large limbs may tangle and disappear, changing before our eyes.

The Lille artist also uses mixed mediums to produce clever collages, silkscreen prints and ink works. His levitating creations seem to escape from their walls taking with them their bright colours

Amose works the human body. He stretches it, extends it and deforms it. Adding to it forms, colours, overflowing lines that get entangled, Amose reconstructs the human body. But it is also what makes his work dynamic and sometimes abstract.