Tavar Zawacki

Tavar Zawacki. f.k.a. ABOVE is an American abstract artist living and working in Lisbon, Portugal. For twenty years (1996–2016) Zawacki created and signed all of his artworks with his street artist pseudonym, 'ABOVE'. Tavar Zawacki is recognized as one of street artearly pioneers having created his iconic 'ABOVE' arrow dating from 2001 in the streets of Paris, France. During a 20-year period, the artworks of ABOVE could be seen in over 100 cities spanning 50 countries around the world.In January 2017, Zawacki decided to retire his focus from ABOVE and develop his gallery practice, signing all artworks with his real birth name. Zawacki's painting styles of minimalism, color field, hard-edge painting, and trompe-l'œil painting place his work in dialogue with that of Josef Albers and Ellsworth Kelly. Zawacki has exhibited internationally since 2005 in, New York City, Berlin, San Francisco, Zurich, Sydney, Milan, and Paris, among other cities. In 2019, Zawacki was commissioned by Albright Knox Museum in New York to paint the largest public art mural of his career as well as the museum's public art initiative.